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FDCP World Cinema - Happy Together

Lovers who are happy together are all the same. Lovers whose relationship falls apart are all different, unique in the ways they inflict emotional tortures on themselves and each other. Lai Yiu-Fai and Ho Po-Wing were in love when they arrived in Argentina from Hong Kong. But something went wrong while they were driving south in search of adventures. One day, on the road, Ho Po-wing walked away from his lover. Now Lai works as doorman at a tango bar in Bueno Aires. He is trying to save enough for his air-ticket home. When Ho re-enters his life, bruised and bleeding from a beating, he gives him a bed but refuses to get back into a sexual relationship. Domesticity doesn’t suit Ho, who is soon spending nights out in the town. Lai quits his job and starts working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, where he befriends Chang, a kid from Taiwan. Without realizing it, Lai begins to fall in love with Chang. Meanwhile Ho’s life continues to fall to pieces…

Chang Chen, Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu Wai
1hr 38min

FDCP World Cinema - Happy Together Show Times

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