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Under A Piaya Moon

In the vibrant city of Bacolod, known for its rich culinary heritage, 25-year-old Stephen discovers that the path to both culinary success and personal growth is filled with unexpected twists. Having inherited his grandparents’ panaderia, he plans to revamp it into a chic modern pastry shop with the help of his girlfriend Joy. Their first big move is to join and win the recently revived province-wide Concurso de Calamay, a cooking contest which focuses on Negrosanon delicacies, especially the famous piaya. Unexpectedly, his lola Calay arrives in town, having abandoned his lolo Filemon in their La Carlota ancestral house. She refuses to talk, but Stephen figures out that she suspects Lolo Filemon of having an affair with a pretty Kristo at the sabong. Even as she ignores the little pastry peace offerings that are delivered daily to Bacolod, she decides that her new mission in life is to help her favorite grandson find some direction for his life. Meanwhile, Stephen discovers that Joy is leaving him for Johnson, their supplier of baking ingredients. But she wants to continue working on the bakery with Stephen (and Johnson as an additional business partner), which drives Stephen crazy with jealousy, until he realizes he’s being used and decides to shut down the bakery completely. Stephen focuses on playing matchmaker to his grandparents, to no avail. Instead, they awaken his interest in traditional Negrosanon kakanin and show him another way to attain his bakery dreams, using the old equipment in their old house and time-tested methods and recipes. Stephen joins the competition, makes it to the finals, and wins, despite his grandfather suffering a heart attack at the eleventh hour. The medical emergency finally brings his grandparents together, and he goes on to re-establish his bakery as a venerable institution of Negrosanon cuisine.

Charito Ferrer-Motus, Jeff Moses, Joel Torre, Pauline Dimaranan
1hr 51min

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