| Horror | 1hr 23min
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Ella Cruz, Marco Gumabao, Ryza Cenon

During a summer break, a group of friends, Ellie (Ryza Cenon), Wave (Ella Cruz), Jessica (Rhen Escano), Lance (Marco Gumabao), Martin (Marco Gallo), and Chris (Andrew Muhlach) had a secret party at their campus rooftop, inviting Paul (Epi Quizon), a part-time student/school janitor. As the group pulls a prank on him, Lance jokingly push Paul but he ends up falling for real. This untimely incident shocks the group. Ellie tries to go downstairs to help Paul but Lance stops her believing that Paul is already dead and there is no way to save him. They cannot even call an ambulance for help since this will cause them a lot of trouble.

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