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Tainted Soul (Kalian Pantas Mati)

Rakka was born with the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. This ability tortures him as the spirits often appear to him asking for his help settle their grudges or solve their unfinished business. Moreover, this ability made him ostracized at school that eventually made him decide to move to Bogor with his uncle, Ajat, who also has the same ability. Rakka meets a beautiful ghost who cannot her name and her past and names her Dini. Feeling pity for her situation, Rakka intends to help Dini remember her past. Meanwhile, at Rakka’s school, terror appears from a mysterious ghost figure who is seen wearing a bloody mask. Some of Rakka’s schoolmates disappeared and Rakka decided to use his ability to find out the reason behind this ghost terror. And the revelation began…

Andrew Barret, Emir Mahira, Zee JKT48
1hr 46min

Tainted Soul (Kalian Pantas Mati) Show Times

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