With the new website, users may now check schedules instantly and purchase tickets easily. From the homepage, just select the preferred location or movie! Seat selector is also now available for specific formats (IMAX and Director’s Club Cinema), as well as for select branches.
Some users who do not receive any confirmation e-mail may be affected by improvements currently being applied in our system. You may, however, proceed to buying your tickets as long as you can log in.
Yes, just select “My Account” link in the upper right corner of the website after you logged in. You can also change your password in this section.
At the homepage, choose your preferred SM Cinema branch or the movie you wish to see to check available schedules. By default, the Now Showing tab in the homepage shows all current schedules.
All movie schedules available at the moment will be posted on the website. Movies with schedules are already open for ticket purchase. We cannot say for sure until when a specific movie will be showing, but please note that new movies are usually released every Wednesday, and movie line-ups may change.
You may check the IMAX tab for information on whether a certain movie will be shown in IMAX. Not all movies have IMAX releases, so you may also check their official websites for advanced details.
At the homepage, you may select your preferred branch and check movies and their respective schedules. Additionally, you may also call your preferred branch for details.
The Director’s Club Cinema offers plush leather seats, butler service, and a specialized menu for moviegoers who prefer the high-end and relaxed cinema experience. Movies screening at the Director’s Club Cinema depend on the branch. For more information, you may check the Director’s Club tab.
Branch visibility on the SM Cinema website will be dependent on whether the branch has posted new movie schedules. If a branch is not included in the list, then they are in the process of updating their schedules for website viewing and purchase availability.
From the home page, select your preferred branch, movie, and schedule. You can also browse movies first and from there, select your preferred branch and schedule. You can purchase tickets using credit or debit card.
Yes. www.smcinema.com now accepts debit card payments through BancNet (temporarily offline).
Once online purchase has been made, it has already been recorded in the database of the branch you purchased from. If there is a need to change movie schedules after purchasing, you may proceed to the branch you purchased from and request a change in schedule at the ticket booth. Bring your transaction information (ticketing receipt and/or confirmation e-mail) so that the cinema personnel can verify and process your transaction details.
You may proceed to the branch you bought from or to the branch you want to change to and make your request for branch change. Please present your reference number or printed voucher at the ticket booth for transaction verification. You may also call our customer care at (02) 470 2222 for assistance.
Erroneous charging may occur if (1) user abruptly ends the transaction, without completing it; (2) payment gateway bank host successfully accepts customer payment but fails to return validation to SM Cinema system; or (3) any occurrence of system error. You may easily initiate a refund for the said occurrences by notifying the branch from which you made the transaction or by calling our customer care at (02) 470 2222.
Refunds will be made by the payment gateway host bank, not the bank of the credit card, therefore ensuring that necessary refunds will be processed accordingly.